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Days of Night


Stefan Carow, voc, g, fl, harm

Matt Margallo, kb, bu voc

Brian Klock, lead g

Soichiro Tanabe, dr, perc

I was born in Berlin, Germany -

quite some time ago...

served in the German Navy

then went to music school in Berlin. I wrote a lot of crazy music and a few film scores... (not so crazy).

But then I met Vera and wanted to leave...

So I have been living near the Pacific Ocean for a while... -  in California.


On the left -

Brian Klock, lead guitar

                  On the right -

                  Matt Margallo, keyboards

                  and me -

staring in the starry Santa Monica sky




        at our TR!P show in September.


Soichiro Tanabe, drums, percussion - at State Social House, WeHo, 2/15/18

Photos by Chris Camargo

Matt Margallo with Elias Green  

February 29, 2018 at THE VIPER ROOM

February 15, 2018 at STATE SOCIAL HOUSE

photo by Chris Camargo

Days of Night is a progressive rock band founded in August 2017 in Los Angeles by Berlin rock singer/song writer Stefan Carow (voc, g, flute, harm), together with Brian Klock, lead guitar and Matt Margallo, keyboards.

The band has been performing live, in the studio - and together with classical pianist Vicki Ray the world premiere of Stefan Carow's “21 Bricks for Piano, Poetry and Progressive Rock” at the Wende Museum in Los Angeles, CA, on April 5th, 2019 .