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Okay, I wrote, produced and performed all songs, except the DRUMS were played by FRANCIS (see, that's him.)



Stefan Carow

So, vocals, guitars, bass, harmonica, keys & programming and flute - that's me.

Right. Once in a while I play a Jethro Tull-like flute (We R the Free, Dream of My Youth, Icarus), and a Blues harmonica...


Gibson Les Paul electric guitar  

Martin X Series 12-string acoustic-electric guitar

Warwick Corvette Standard fretless bass

M-Audio Axiom keyboard/synth


Ableton Live & Cubase music recording & production programs,

Francis Marcello Carow

I was born in Berlin, Germany -

quite some time ago...

served in the German Navy

then went to music school in Berlin. I wrote a lot of crazy music and a few film scores... (not so crazy).

But then I met Vera and wanted to leave...

So I have been living near the Pacific Ocean for a while... -  in California.