JANE'S EVE - Drama/Fantasy  - based on true events                

Synopsis: As the sun sets on Venice Beach, California, its orange light floods into a quiet hospital room. In bed lies Jane, 22, with her eyes shut. Her skin is pale and she is near death. Her parents appear in the form of spirits. Jane’s spirit leaves her body and rises from the bed looking healthy and gorgeous. They tell her, “You’re not ready to join us yet…”

Flashback to…

Jane painting in her renovated loft and searching for inspiration as she was accepted into a local art gallery when Mike, the love of her life and an up-and-coming theater director, proposes to her. She falls into his arms, accepts, and they make love into the night.

She was raised by her conservative and wealthy grandparents whose plan for Jane is to find her a rich and successful husband to marry. Her grandmother invites her to a high society country club party where a wealthy suitor waits to meet her.

However, Jane avoids her grandmother and the party. She only wants to support herself with teaching and painting and marry Mike. 

In the middle of the night, Jane has another massive seizure that feels like a commercial airliner is blazing through her head. Clutching her head and falling into bed, she realizes that she might have inherited her father’s condition: a brain tumor.


Secretly, without Mike knowing, Jane sees a doctor who offers her an experimental treatment. Willing to try anything, Jane accepts and lists Mike as her only next of kin and husband. 

The tumor advances, the seizures become more painful, and Jane can’t bear to tell Mike what’s happening to her and make him suffer through her eventual death. To spare Mike the heartache of her dying, she breaks up with him and overdoses on morphine pills. 

Mike discovers her lifeless body and rushes her to the hospital where they place Jane on life support. While her grandparents and Mike fight over who has the right to decide her fate, Jane goes on a superconscious journey: On a white horse she rides across Heaven.  

Where clouds and blue sky change to universal black, she reaches the legendary magpie bridge, one of her young students had told her about. She runs to cross, but the bridge starts crumbling and she tumbles into the void. But then the light of a rising star reveals the nebulous, (back lit) figure of a man…


Back to Present –

It is the orange sunlight now that floods into the quiet hospital room, and Mike who approaches the body in the bed. Jane’s spirit cuts in between and is about to kiss him…

Screenplay Synopsis

Jane's Eve