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                  THE WARRIOR

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Days OF Night






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              R E L E A S E D

    Debut EP "Pieces of Heart"

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THREE AND A HALF SECONDS - ... One... two... three...

And a Half Second – Aida grabs Ashley's arm and falling backward, drags Ashley overboard into the ocean – Bubbles. Spider web hair

Days of Night - Facts:

Founded - 2017 in Los Angeles, CA

Stefan Carow, voc, g, fl, harm,  

Brian Klock, lead g,

Tony Shibumi, b,

Lamar Little, dr.

Style - progressive rock, psychedelic, R&B

Released: "Pieces of Heart" - available!

NEW album to be released in early 2023

The music is conceptional.

It can be performed as a rock opera-spectacle show - in full, 90 min

or in half, 45 min, or just partially.

Or the music can be  “shuffled”  just

to entertain, to dance and to have fun!





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Friday, 6/14, 11:00 pm

Friday 6/21 - 8:30pm