" The GIRL:  Look! Everyone here is the unborn twin of someone born on Earth. We're calling you and you're calling us. The only difference is we know it, and you guys on Earth don't..."

Screenplay: 110 pages

Synopsis: Timmy, a lonely 10-year-old, dreams of a sister to save his family. In the universe, the evil Goblin King, master of a planet-catching Giant, requests a human child to solve a riddle, which will unleash a power formula. And on the wonderful Pink Planet, world of the amazing unborn children, Timmy meets her, Lucy, his twin, in his dream. Awaking, Timmy wants to bring her home - he has to: since they met, a count was down set off. If at the end of it Timmy can't make it, Lucy will be sent off into eternity as an unrelated spirit. As Mom and Dad rush to work, Timmy confides in his cartoon figures who, whenever Timmy is alone, come to life. They build the fantastic Dream Space Travel Machine and reach – in the speed of dream, just in time the Pink Planet to take Lucy home. But then the Pink Planet is pulled out of orbit.

Timmy awakes alone in the palace of the Goblin King. Away from the Pink Planet, Lucy is reduced to an invisible spirit. They discover that the Pink Planet has been caught within the Goblin Planet (flickering, Lucy's body returns, the closer they get), that the King would never let Timmy return home and, once Timmy has solved the riddle, will use the formula to expand his evil empire and annihilate the world Lucy's existence depends on. Timmy and Lucy go on a dangerous journey to the core of the planet, where the monstrous slave-Giant is held. Timmy mounts all his courage to face the Giant as well as the Goblin King, to choose between sweet words promising a journey home, and fierce, merciless roaring. Timmy speaks the King's formula to the Giant. His freedom destroys the King's powers and releases the Pink Planet. Back there all the unborn children celebrate Timmy, but Lucy is not there. Timmy is speechless - No one has an answer. Fearing the worst he asks the Giant, still hovering in the sky. Was Lucy sent off as an unrelated spirit because Timmy missed the deadline? The giant shrugs and suggests to go home. Timmy and  the cartoon figures leave in the Dream Space Travel Machine. It seems endless, and it takes forever for them to wake up. But when they do, the first thing they hear - "Where have you been so long?" It is - Lucy. Timmy can't believe his eyes. The cartoons cheer – but promptly disappear when Mom enters. "Come to dinner, children." And really there is the table set for four: Mom, dad, Timmy and Lucy...



Screenplay Synopsis

Timmy and the Girl from the Pink Planet