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Days of Night is a band currently consisting of four players:

Matt Margallo, keyboards, Brian Klock, lead guitar, Soichiro Tanabe, drums and me. (see Artists)

My best guess is that in the very near future, Days of Night will not only be the standard 4, or 5 piece band – it may well raise (like dough) to an ORCHESTRA … an Electric, not "Light," let's say, NIGHT ORCHESTRA...

The Warrior is a conception album, which means, all songs are about this young guy – in fact he sings them to us – who, right out of high school, followed the call for war. He really wanted to save his fatherland, no matter what. He did all he was told... And then he was lost, somewhere, probably 10,000 miles away from his Sweet Fatherland.

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The music is guitar based Progessive Rock, including R&B, metal and psychedelic elements


Days OF Night