THE SLEEPER - Action Thriller

Screenplay: 115 pages

Synopsis: Darkness under a blindfold, Pashto voices, the metallic clatter of weapons

getting ready... What would Geronimo do, FRANK PETERS asks ALEX, who hands-tied

and blindfolded shares Franks' fate. He would pray to Usen, Alex replies, and wait for the

monster slayer. The "monster slayer" came, his name was FARRATH, and stopped the

execution. In a clandestine Special Forces mission, the childhood friends had been

compromised into the hands of Farrath's terrorist group... Only Frank has been sent back

home, Alex, as an internet video shows, has been cruelly killed. Five years later, Frank

has become a highly qualified officer of the Pentagon's DIA, who enjoys the trust of his

boss and mentor Admiral FORTHWILL and the love of his fiancée JACKIE, when dead

believed Alex returns. Frank knew that Alex's indigenous Mexican parents had been

deported, but he did not know that they were killed there by a drug cartel. Mad about life

and the U.S., Alex "activates" Frank to betray Admiral Forthwill's most guarded secret,

the operational files of a new high-tech weapons' system (The FILES) which, just a few

days ago, was rejected by the government as "purely sci-fi." And to make his point, Alex

plays Frank a recording of a kidnapped Jackie.

Frank copies the Files, thus betrays his mentor and his country. Before the handover,

however, he is cornered by an anti-terrorist group of the CIA who want Frank to lead

them to terrorist leader Farrath abroad. But in a daring effort, Frank rescues Jackie first,

copies the content of Alex’s computer and learns not only that Jackie is a CIA operative

put on to him, also that he, Frank, is being used in a much bigger game, run by someone

from the inside -- but who? Frank runs, alone against everyone, until, meanwhile

suspended, a changed Jackie teams up with him. They hunt down and kill Alex and his

cell. Dying, Alex reveals that the FILES are in Farrath's hands already and that an attack

is on its way for which Frank will be blamed.

As Jackie’s prisoner, Frank confronts Admiral Forthwill, heading the National Security

Council's Joint Crisis Operation. In a dramatic effort Frank demands Forthwill's trust to

prevent the terrorist attack when he realizes he has put his head into the lion’s mouth...

But in a standoff at gunpoint, caused by Jackie, Frank’s facts, backed by the CIA group

that followed him, as well as his and Jackie’s human strength prevail. The traitor commits

suicide and the attack can be stopped in a swift, second-splitting counter assault. While

Frank and Jackie celebrate their love in Hawaii, in a hotel in the Swiss Alps, once again

the "monster slayer" reappears...

Screenplay Synopsis

The Sleeper