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Here is some info on our conception album - which will be RELEASED in 2018 (TBD soon):

Days OF Night:


written and produced


Stefan Carow

Here is one of the songs -

Hi guys – this is Days of Night and it would be great if you'd like hang out a bit.

This site will play you some music and tell you ALL about it. You can take a peek at the lyrics and find out about the guy - I just called


He's a bit like ICARUS, whose wings melted and he crashed into the sea...

But I tell you, Warrior wasn't that ambitious as the old Greek guy was – he didn't fly all the way to the sun, although he sometimes dreamed of being close to it... And he would have listened to his dad, if he'd been around – well, in such important things at least...

See, you can also watch a music video of SWEET FATHERLAND (one of Warrior's songs),

So be most WELCOME and click on the LINKS.

So, I hope you'll have some fun here... and  visit again for more info on

the ALBUM and upcoming SHOWS - there are also a few live videos.

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And here is a link to my SOUNDCLOUD  - to listen to some of the songs.